I likes to make things. Lots of things. All SORTS of things! I work mainly in the post-production and animation fields, and have the pleasure of taking daily adventures in the making of films, commercials, industrials, shorts and everything in between. In terms of specific skills, I have worn and continue to wear a lot of hats: editor (narrative and doc styles), 2D/3D animator & motion graphic artist, designer (graphic and sound), composer, writer, compositor, VFX supervisor, even Director on occassion! Shifting roles helps keep things fresh and interesting with every project! Through my work in the various fields of visual effects, motion graphics, editing, sound post, composition and producing, I've had the pleasure to work with an awesome range of clientele such as Google, Diageo, CNN, Nike, Vox, Intel, Microsoft, KOA, YouTube, Starwood Hotels, Pepsi, Snuggle and many others, big and small! Outside of the production world, my first love of music has led me on all sorts of adventures: I've toured with a folk rock band playing trumpet and mandolin, I do numerous recording projects around the country, and get to sing with the Manhattan Choral Ensemble in New York City, all coupled with various writings and jams on the side! Let's make some things together sometime!

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